Multiple Channels

Surlex can managing multiple sale channels. You also can manage all you accounts' orders in an unified panel.

Sale International

Begin sale on Amazon, eBay and other famous platform now. We also can help you expand you business all over the world.

Data Driving Business

Using Data Analysis to make decisions more quickly and smarter. Select the hot products easily.


Surlex is not only an eCommerce Software company but also a company running successful online store.
Surlex has been a successful eCommerce company for over 4 years. They created many product regarding international sales.
We have our own online store which has running over 3 years and increate 200% every year.
We provide a wide range of online sales product which help you create and expand your own business rapidly.

Services We Do

Create Store

Provide full range service on create your own store


International Sales

Sell globally using our multiple sales channel management system. We will help you manage every order and provide professional experience to your customers.



Our eMarketing team will design an eMarketing solution according to your special requirements. Choose the most effective ways to get more customers.


Data Analysis

Using our data tools to tracking and analysis the BigData in your business and on the market. Working smarter and more effectively.